Footbridge Awards Madrid Architects’ Association Headquarters (COAM) 23 September 2020 #footbridge2020

Entry Nomination Form

Deadline: 06 March 2020

Please submit a separate entry form for each project, and for each category if you are entering the same project into more than one category.

An entry fee of £125/US$162/€147 must be paid for each project

Payment by credit card is necessary to complete the process.

  • 1 Project Information
  • 2 Commissioning Authority
  • 3 Designer
  • 4 Architect/Structural Engineer
  • 5 Principal Contractor
  • 6 Main Contact
  • 7 My Documents
  • 8 Select Currency

Project Information

Commissioning Authority

Principal Designer

Architect/Structural Engineer

Architect (if principal designer is structural engineer)/Structural Engineer (if principal designer is architect)

Principal Contractor

Main Contact

Main contact regarding this entry.

Select Currency