Footbridge Awards Madrid Architects’ Association Headquarters (COAM) 07 September 2022 #footbridge2022

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Bridge design & engineering will be publishing an accompanying Footbridge 2020 Awards Commemorative Brochure, similar to those we have produced at all previous Footbridge Conferences.  

This Commemorative Brochure will include editorial on all prize-winners and runners-up of the Footbridge 2020 Awards. It will be a minimum of 20 pages in length, the same ‘coffee table friendly’ dimensions as Bridge design & engineering magazine and produced to the same high quality print standards. It will be distributed to all attendees of the Footbridge 2020 Conference Madrid at the welcome reception and evening of the awards ceremony. From past experience we are sure it will be kept long after by attendees as a memento of this special occasion.

We will be printing at least 600 with free copies available to all attendees at the Footbridge Conference itself.

Within the Commemorative Brochure there will be a few limited opportunities available for placing display advertising.  For more information contact Lisa Bentley on +44 (0) 207 973 4698 or e mail



Awards Brochure