Footbridge Awards Madrid Architects’ Association Headquarters (COAM) 07 September 2022 #footbridge2022

Winners 2022



The winners of the 2020 Footbridge Awards were revealed during the postponed triennial international footbridge conference that took place in September 2022 in Madrid. A digital version of the awards brochure containing details of all the winners and highly-commended entries is available by clicking here.


Short span (30m or less)

Winner: Trumpf Bridge, Ditzingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

“This is a technically excellent design, bringing together conceptual rigour and imagination with the exemplary use of the latest fabrication technologies.

The concept is for a form-found, thin-shell structure, familiar from numerous examples of spectacular 20th century roof structures.

Applying this approach to bridge construction is a real challenge that has been met head-on.”

Photo: SBP/Andreas Schnubel

Commissioning authority: Trumpf GmbH + Co KG

Principal designer: schlaich bergermann partner

Architect/structural engineer: schlaich bergermann partner

Principal contractor: Franz Prebeck GmbH & Co. KG

Others (Architectural consultancy): Barkow Leibinger


Short span – highly commended

Knostrop Bridge, Leeds, UK

Commissioning authority: Leeds City Council, Environment Agency

Principal designer: Knight Architects

Structural engineer: Mott MacDonald

Principal contractor: BAM Nuttall

Steel fabricator: SH Structures


Short span – highly commended

Bridge over the Dřetovice stream, Kladno-Vrapice, Bohemia, Czech Republic

(Photo: BoysPlayNice)

Commissioning authority: Kladno

Principal designer: Klokner Institute in Prague

Architect/structural engineer: Aoc architects

Principal contractor: KŠ Prefa Štetí


Medium span (30m-60m)

Winner: Sofiero Footbridge, Helsingborg, Sweden

“The most remarkable feature of the bridge is the transparency of its shapes, which make the crossing an elegant and well-integrated structure.”

“Its ultra-slender design minimises both visual and physical impact on the site.”

“Worthy of mention is the extradosed underslung cable, which plays an important role in the structure but which is almost hidden within the environment.”


Commissioning authority: Helsingborg Stad

Principal designer: Dissing+Weitling

Structural engineer: schlaich bergermann partner

Principal contractor: Bladt Industries - Infrastructure

Landscaping: Becht


Medium span – highly commended

Taplow Footbridge, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, UK

Commissioning authority: Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern)

Principal designer: Knight Architects

Structural engineer: COWI

Principal contractor: Land & Water

Steel fabricator: SH Structures


Long span (greater than 60m)

Winner: Tintagel Castle Bridge, Cornwall, UK

“This is a bridge of breathtaking delicacy. The jury recognised that it requires exceptional effort to make something appear so effortless, and the judges were impressed by the design in context as well as the detail that contributes to its slender demeanour.

“Whilst the much-vaunted centre gap is, like Arthurian legend, more narrative than clear fact, it adds grit to the tourist experience that one imagines is not entirely necessary given the thrill of being held high above the ravine so nonchalantly.”

(Photo: Ney & Partners - William Matthews Associates/Hufton+Crow)

Commissioning authority: English Heritage

Principal designer: Ney & Partners, William Matthews Associates

Structural engineer: Ney & Partners

Principal contractor: American Bridge UK


Long span – highly commended

Ortenau Bridge, Lahr, Germany

(Photo: Oliver Kern)

Commissioning authority: Stadt Lahr

Principal designer: EiSat Engineered Structures

Architect: Henchion Reuter Architekten

Principal contractor: Arge Meurer-Bau


Movable bridges

Winner: Lille Langebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

"We were united in our assessment of the winning bridge as a high-quality example of footbridge design which manages to convey an impression of its sinuous and delicate form despite its unusually large size."

"The ability of the deck to move comes as a delightful surprise, since the opening mechanism is successfully integrated into the curved form. The structure looks good both open and closed, and when open it creates lovely ship-like structures in the middle of the waterway."


Commissioning authority: Realdania By & Byg

Principal designer: Wilkinson Eyre

Structural engineer: Buro Happold

Principal contractor: JV Mobilis Danmark – Hollandia Infra


Movable bridges – highly commended

Bio-based composite movable bicycle bridge, Ritsumasyl, the Netherlands

Commissioning authority: Province of Fryslân

Principal designer: Delft Infra Composites/Sweco- Witteveen+Bos/Antea Group

Architect: Quist Wintermans Architekten

Principal contractor: Strukton Civiel Noord-Oost


New life (renovation, refurbishment, reuse or retrofit bridge project for the primary benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and/or equestrians)

 Winner: Pedestrian and cycle footbridge under the Pont Adolphe, Luxembourg

 "The jury were smitten by the originality of this project, which was initially entered only into the long-span category."

"The jury was impressed with its detail, slenderness and choice of structural system. The judges were struck by the ingenuity displayed in creating a great space for users that did not detract from the existing historic structure."

Commissioning authority: MDDI – Administration des Ponts & Chaussées

Principal designer: CBA Architects

Structural engineer: Inca

Principal contractor: Soludec


New life – highly commended

 SACEM bridge enlargement Villabona/Oria, Spain


Commissioning authority: Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

Principal designer & structural engineer: Anta Ingeniería Civil

Principal contractor: Altuna y Uria


Jonathan Spiers Lighting Award (created in memory of Jonathan Speirs of Speirs & Major)

 Winner: Spitalsteg Bridge, Germany

"The judges praised the use of white light to contrast against the local sodium lighting. They admired the restraint that this design demonstrates - a simple solution that nonetheless creates a playful and interesting visual experience for the user as well as the observer."

(Photo: Conné van d'Grachten)

Commissioning authority: Stadt Riedlingen

Principal designer & structural engineer: schlaich bergermann partner

Principal contractor: Franz Prebeck & Co